A Little TLC for Stressed-Out Feet

NewsUSA) – Economic woes have left bodies stressed and fatigued. Carrying us everywhere we want to go, feet have taken the brunt of the force. A typical day of walking is equivalent to several hundred tons of pressure put on your feet.

One of the best ways to refresh weary feet is a pedicure. Although it may be difficult to pamper yourself on a limited budget, it’s not impossible. Giving yourself an at-home pedicure is a relaxing way to treat yourself while still saving money.

“In-home pedicure pampering is a great way to reduce stress,” says Carol J. Buck, CEO of the natural foot-care products distributor Xenna Corporation. “It also rewards you later with sandal-perfect feet.”

Buck offers the following tips to give a little TLC to your stressed-out feet:

–Give yourself a foot bath. Find a container that can hold both of your feet, then fill it with warm water and a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. Rosemary and peppermint can invigorate — choose rose or lavender to help you relax. Soak your feet for five to 10 minutes. You can bathe your feet daily or weekly, whatever your schedule allows.

–Exfoliate and moisturize. Once your foot bath has softened your skin, exfoliate to remove dead skin from your toes and heels. For a treatment less work-intensive than scraping, try CalleX Ointment, an acid-free treatment that uses natural enzymes to leave heels and soles baby-soft. CalleX Ointment is available in the footcare section at Walgreens and Rite Aid.

–Trim nails carefully. Gently remove any dirt from underneath your nails with a brush or orange stick. It’s much easier to cut nails after moisturizing. Use a straightedge toenail clipper. Cut toenails straight across, and file the nails in one direction. Never share pedicure equipment with others.

For yellow or discolored nails, apply NonyX Gel, which is available in the footcare section at drug stores and mass retailers. Diabetic-friendly, NonyX breaks down and removes keratin debris — the substance that makes nails appear yellow or dark.

–Use nail polish sparingly. Toe nails need a chance to breathe, so don’t always keep them painted. Fresh air and sunshine can benefit feet — just make sure to slather on the sunscreen.

For additional information about CalleX Ointment and NonyX Gel, or to print out mail-in rebates, visit www.xenna.com/xenna_coupons.html.